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There are so many ways to train, and for the most part,, there really isn’t a “wrong” way, but certain types of training can be more effective in a faster period of time,(unless form,allignment, and/or execution is unsafe). All of this is an individual thing. A person’s schedule, their body type, their eating habits, the atmosphere around them in their home, yard, or surrounding area. So many things figure into a person’s workout regime. This is why a good, thorough, and honest conversation should go on, between myself and you, the client. As much information as I want to receive from the client, I would also think that the client would want certain information from me. Think up certain questions, write them down, and we’ll address them. I’ll try to cover as much as I can initially, and if I haven’t covered the information that might want, ask away! That’s what we’re here for.

Surroundings play a big role in what we do. Essentially, there are a few places that we’ll speak of as we speak of training. My location, and your location, whether it be your home, office, or other.

My location is about an area that is my own boot camp style; there is space and a lot of smaller “toys” to play with. A lot of stability, strength, and balance is incorporated. Pace depends on the individual, so does the intensity of the exercises, whether they are beginning , or very advanced exercises. We take past injuries, or certain muscular situations into considerations when putting a workout together. So many times, I’ll have a workout in my mind, and the client shows up WITH an injury, or is very fatigued or something needs to be discussed, let’s say. Always, always express your concerns. I will always ask. Even though my area does have “space”, if needed, we’ll stay on one mat, and do floor work (where you WILL want to get up!). Space is nice, but do we need it? No.

We have worked with a lot of different goals; weight loss, weight gain, athletes (for both strength, and rehab), both prenatal and postpartum conditioning. I’ve worked with several women, tapering off the intensity of their workout, and monitering their heartrate down to 50% of what it would normally be, as the due date comes up.

I’ve worked with a lot of women who have to get their “wedding figure”, three, four months before a wedding, and certainly have the motivation to stay nice and strict to hit their goals (this is a big area that is a lot of fun).

There have been situations where an injury has led to some muscle re-balance structure where we’ve had to work with stability steps, mixing in jump rope, using coordination as a primary function.

These things mentioned have happenend at my location, at parks, and at the beach. This would be something I would call “my location”. I have done 1-on-1 training, boot camp, beach circuit training, beach cardio training (with lateral running, backwards running, lunges, jumps, etc…). Once we have our initial conversation, that’s when I start throwing out different thoughts that I think would not only help you, but also alternate your workouts, to constantly keep your body off guard and have to react, rather than your body getting into a “plateau” stage from always doing the same style of workouts.

If you would rather work out at home, or a location closer to you, that’s always an option. All I need to do is to look at the space, and again, start throwing out suggestions toward your workouts. So much can be done in an area with limited space; this same thing can be stated with regard to being able to move around with an abundance of room, inside or out.

You give me my parameters, and I will throw out suggestions that will be SAFE, and challenging; and we’ll structure it so time will go fast, and that you will have a smile of your face your entire workout,(or is that a grimace?)!

Scott Yonkouski – Playa Del Rey Personal Trainer, Los Angeles

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