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Scott has been consulting with businesses, and training with private individuals since 1987, so yes, we know that he’s put a few years of experience, and wisdom under his belt. Being self-employed and having to work with clients independently, Scott has also traveled with clients to locations to keep them on their exercise programs; going to Montreal, New York, Hawaii, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Chicago, Mississippi… and many more. The beauty of location training is utilizing whatever is available to use; outside, inside, confined rooms, spacious parks, beaches. The theory of training doesn’t change, just the environment, and the style of training.

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Even though Scott’s entire career has been in fitness, there are some physical issues that we just can’t control in our lives, and a brain tumor (meningioma) fits into that category. In April of 2008, it was discovered that Scott had one of these tumors, over 8 cm. This would be like having something the size of a baseball pressing against the brain, and it had to be removed immediately. Once all of this was taken care of, and his body was without any balance or strength, a completely new type of training had to be incorporated. Lots of balance, stability, and agility had to be utilized, and the situation was literally, practice what you preach.

As life once again became “normal”, another tumor was discovered in September of 2010, and again, had to be removed immediately. Well, one month later and back to work!

These situations have now brought a different awareness to conventional training. Since balance, agility, and stability are an enormous part of our functional abilities, a very big part of Scott’s beliefs are to challenge these skills with most of our other limitations. Circuit training, cardio, and a non-resting protocol are items that figure very heavy into the mix. While all of this might sound complicated, it’s really not, because simplicity is the goal, so proper form and safety are always discussed and sometime re-alignment is stressed.

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